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Moksha Yoga St. John’s offers a program called the Energy Exchange Ambassador Program which is for anyone who loves yoga. One of the best things about this program is that it really allows for an opportunity to meet like-minded people and become more involved in the MYSJ community. Moksha Ambassadors live and breathe Moksha’s 7 pillars and ooze all things Moksha! Ambassadors are an integral part of the studio and their passion and dedication shines forth in the energy they put into both inside and outside the studio.

The role of an Energy Exchange Ambassador of Moksha Yoga is to help create a warm and welcoming presence around the studio. There will be tasks to complete on every shift, such as mopping the hot room floor, wiping down mirrors, lots (and lots) of laundry, helping the teachers set up for classes, tidying the change rooms, tidying shoes and the front lobby, etc. Basically your job is to keep the studio looking spick and span, and have fun while doing it! Your shift will include 4 hours weekly, and we love to organize lots of team events like potlucks and special yoga classes just for our awesome energy exchangers.

Ambassador perks include:

  • Free mat and towel rentals
  • Free unlimited practice at Moksha Yoga St. John’s
  • Free Live to Learn workshops
  • 15% off retail + 10-50% off workshops
  • Opportunities to practice on shift
  • Special Ambassador classes, potlucks, unlimited hugs from the teachers, and access to this awesome community.

Interested to become a Moksha Ambassador?
We require, at minimum, that you have completed the Introductory Month and have been practicing regularly within that month. We want to ensure you have developed a love for the practice and community as much as we do. If this applies to you and you’re keen to sign up, click the link below to fill out the application.

Please note that we tend to have a lot of applicants apply to the program. Roles are filled based not only on availability match, but also highly considered is your commitment to your practice and involvement in MYSJ events + workshops.




For questions, please e-mail: