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#behindthesweat: Brent Betts

It’s time you all meet Brent! This yogi quite the guy! He’s helpful, caring, funny and has the friendliest smile on the planet – he brings so much positivity to our sangha ;). Brent’s been around since last December, and we’re happy he wanted to stick around – cause we’re grateful he’s here.

Jess King BTS

#behindthesweat: Jessica King

This little beam of light #behindthesweat is Jessyca and has been an Energy Exchanger since early last summer! She’s such a delight, super helpful, and helps to make this sangha a happy, positive place.

When she’s not at the studio you can find her eating pizza, watching movies, and just plain hanging out. She likes her quiet time, and likes to relax (don’t we all!). This devote yogi is also studying to receive her 200hr teacher training certificate from Shakti yoga – super cool! Let’s find out more about Jessyca!


#behindthesweat: Charlotte Green

It’s about time you meet Charlotte. She literally is the definition of chill. She’s oh so grounded, positive, and such a great energy to be around. She’s the kinda person you want around you if the sky was falling, if there was a zombie apocalypse… or if you’re just having a bad day – her ‘go with the flow’ attitude is something to be cherished. You could only hope some of it could rub off on you! Charlotte has been around for forever it seems, so by now you should have ran into her – if not, make sure you say hi!


#behindthesweat: Nadine James

Have you met Nadine yet? Nadine has a calm, kind, gentle energy about her – she makes you feel welcome & at ease no matter who you are! Whether it’s lending a hand, or lending an ear, she’s a friend to all here at the studio!


#behindthesweat: Michelle Meister

It’s Michelle! Time to meet this force #behindthesweat. Michelle is a smarty-pants, a firecracker, a beautiful, kind spirit who you always want around. You just know when she’s around – she got the kind of energy you just can’t miss. And we never want to!
When Michelle isn’t at the studio practicing you can find her at the gym, studying politics, reading… pretty much always learning. And if you still can’t find her, she’s down the street serving you the most delicious tacos at your favourite neighbourhood Oyster House.😉. Michelle began exchanging her energy with us last June, and we’ve been smitten ever since.


#behindthesweat: Laura Huckle

Next up on #behindthesweat is Laura Huckle, our very own proper, tea-drinking lady😉. Laura’s been gracing us with her fabulous presence, British humour and accent for about two and a half years. And we’re lucky to have her!

Apart from yoga Laura likes to cook and loves being outside. Laura claims that’s why she’s still here – NL’s rugged beauty made her stay. She describes herself as ‘bubbly’, like ‘a good glass of champagne’. Read on to learn more about out fav British import.


#behindthesweat: Stacey Benoit

Meet Stacey. This the kind of girl you always want around! She’s fun, outgoing and is always up for anything. Stacey’s been working hard #behindthesweat for almost a year now.
When she’s not at the studio you’ll find Stacey working or at school finishing up her business degree. She also loves hiking & hanging out with the bys! Let’s find out more about Stacey…


#behindthesweat: Karly Moores

Hey friends, meet Karly Moores This super power #behindthesweat has been helping at the studio for about 2 years.
Her beauty is that of a gentle & kind spirit. She’s kind, hardworking, genuine & also pretty rad. We think her presence and cute giggle makes this place a better place, we’re sure you do too.

Melissa Lannon1

#behind the sweat: Melissa Lannon

Melissa Lannon is not only a yogi who runs, reads, plays a ton of musical instruments (she just bought a ukulele!)… but she’s also a nurse turned med student, yep SHE’S BRILLIANT & a little weird, but hey – that’s why we love her!

Melissa has blessed us with her presence for almost 3 years, and although she’ll be finishing up her shifts in a few weeks (as she has a little much on her plate!!), it’s definitely not goodbye!

Jess Mouland

#behindthesweat: Jess Mouland

Who’s that girl, it’s Jess Mouland! This dynamite lady has been with us for almost three years. Her heart is as big as her smile, and her friendly, warm personality is something you just can’t miss.

Jess is an avid runner, loves walking her dog, and baking. Let’s get to know more about her!