Julia-Marie Warren

Julia-Marie, or Jm started practicing at MYSJ in the fall of 2012. She quickly found herself in love with the practice, the studio, and everyone in it. In the winter of 2015 her love affair continued and brought her to Nicaragua Level 1 teacher training. JM feels the Moksha practice is the perfect outlet for self expression while strengthening the body both mentally and physically.

Since Moksha training, JM has been fortunate to dive right into further study, having now completed over 800 RYT hours. Inspired by her primary teacher, Steve Vardy, JM was eager to learn more about Vinyasa Krama yoga so she traveled to Chicago and Saskatoon to study with Srivatsa Ramaswami. Spending time with him has intensified her passion for the traditional slow moving practice. Monday nights you can be sure to find her teaching or practicing beside you in class. Switching gears altogether, JM traveled to Bali to spend time studying under Eoin Finn, exploring a more playful side of practice. Eoin’s contagious energy and spirit is something JM hopes to embody in Blissflow classes. She is pretty proud to call herself a Blissologist.

Julia-Marie’s previous career in retail management has followed her to the studio where she takes care of our retail section and is happy to talk clothes and fashion any day. When not at the studio you can probably find her sipping Americanos at Fixed, daydreaming, listening to music, and trying not to talk about yoga for at least 5 minutes.