#behindthesweat: Nadine James

Have you met Nadine yet? Nadine has a calm, kind, gentle energy about her – she makes you feel welcome & at ease no matter who you are! Whether it’s lending a hand, or lending an ear, she’s a friend to all here at the studio!

This yogi loves practising, reading, being outside and trying to crochet… she still hasn’t caught on to that one yet ;). She’s been busy #behindthesweat since August 2016. She’s was an avid yogi, but she wanted to be part of the studio in such a way that she could gain a stronger experience, and give back.

What would your theme song be: I Feel It All” by Feist

Which person in history best describes you: Sylvia Plath. She was one of the first female writers I studied in university and her words have stuck with me. Her poetry is raw and honest and beautiful. Her struggle was real and brutal – she put it all out there on paper. Incredible.

Whats your favourite yoga pose: Child’s Pose!

What annoys you the most: probably lack of empathy, or people’s unwillingness to understand someone else’s situation. 

What happy moment will you always remember: When I travelled to Australia by myself when I was 24. I’ll never forget the feeling off walking off the plane, and feeling alone & open, and ready for anything – “here I am!” 

If you could be a vegetable what would you be: an avocado, because they’re so good! And they’re green, pretty, and really cool – you can just regrow them from their pit. 

What did you want to be when you grew up: a teacher. Both my parents are. But… then I did Education, and didn’t want to anymore!

What always makes you laugh: pretty much all of my friends. 

Nadine’s Mantra:

Open mind, open heart – be brave.

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