#behindthesweat: Charlotte Green

It’s about time you meet Charlotte. She literally is the definition of chill. She’s oh so grounded, positive, and such a great energy to be around. She’s the kinda person you want around you if the sky was falling, if there was a zombie apocalypse… or if you’re just having a bad day – her ‘go with the flow’ attitude is something to be cherished. You could only hope some of it could rub off on you!  Charlotte has been around for forever it seems, so by now you should have ran into her – if not, make sure you say hi!

Charlotte has been a part of our family for 3 and half years! She loves it here, “yoga is dope, everyone here is dope, I just love this place.” Charlotte loves to read, likes to bike – her cupcakes taste great, but she doesn’t have the the decorating down yet… (Don’t worry Charlotte, if you’re gonna bake for us, hungry yogis won’t judge the decorating).

Q: If you could switch places for a day with someone who would it be?
A: Martha Stewart, so I could be best friends with Snoop Dog. 

Q: What word best describes you?
A: ‘Mellow’, I guess

Q: What’s your best yoga memory?
A: The 1st Energy Exchange-only yoga class I ever did. It was such a peaceful, connected feeling – it has stuck with me. 

Q: Pineapple or no pineapple on toast?
A: Ohhh pineapple on my pizza, 100%. 

Q: What’s your spirit animal?
A: A baby giraffe – we’re both tall & awkward 

Q: Do you believe in ghosts/ have you ever seen one?
A: No, but I wish I’ve seen one. I totally believe in them, yeah. 

Q: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
A: My most excited gift?! A laundry hamper – one of those fabric ones with three compartments. But the actual best – a mason jar full of love notes from my mom. 

Q: If you had magical powers what would it be?
A: Teleportation, that way I could do all of the traveling! 

Charlotte’s motto:

Just chill, man

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