#behindthesweat: Brent Betts

It’s time you all meet Brent! This yogi quite the guy! He’s helpful, caring, funny and has the friendliest smile on the planet – he brings so much positivity to our sangha ;). Brent’s been around since last December, and we’re happy he wanted to stick around – cause we’re grateful he’s here.


#behindthesweat: Amelia Reddick

Hey, it’s Amelia! Have you guys met? If you’ve been to the studio ever, like since day 1, you’ve probably seen her. That’s right – Amelia has been with us since D A Y 1, the 1st person to mop that hot room floor, crazy huh?! She must love us, as much as we love her 😉

Elyse Summers

#behindthesweat: Elyse Summers

It’s about time you meet Elyse. This yogi is calm, cool, and collected. She’s a good girl to have around here. Her sweet demeanor and humour is a treat to all who get to work along side her.


#behindthesweat: Charlotte Green

It’s about time you meet Charlotte. She literally is the definition of chill. She’s oh so grounded, positive, and such a great energy to be around. She’s the kinda person you want around you if the sky was falling, if there was a zombie apocalypse… or if you’re just having a bad day – her ‘go with the flow’ attitude is something to be cherished. You could only hope some of it could rub off on you! Charlotte has been around for forever it seems, so by now you should have ran into her – if not, make sure you say hi!


#behindthesweat: Nadine James

Have you met Nadine yet? Nadine has a calm, kind, gentle energy about her – she makes you feel welcome & at ease no matter who you are! Whether it’s lending a hand, or lending an ear, she’s a friend to all here at the studio!


#behindthesweat: Paige Mattie

This giggly, happy, dynamo yogi… her name’s Paige. She’s quite the girl #behindthesweat. When she’s not smiling, hugging you, or doing a good deed at the studio you can find her cooking, doing ‘outdoorsy things’, or running around George Street, ;). She’s also a busy commerce student, Nova Scotia-bred, and plays the piano. Neat!


#behindthesweat: Krista Turpin

It’s about time we introduce Krista Turpin. This gal – she’s positive, hilarious, caring, protective and so, so kind. She’s a friend to all, and we’re so thankful to have her. Krista has been a dedicated yogi #behindthesweat since the summer of 2014.

The beauty of repetition

The Beauty of Repetition

If you’ve been to a few classes at our studio, you’ve probably figured out that Moksha Yoga is more than just our name – it’s a set sequence of yoga poses, taught mostly the same way each time, depending on the teacher and the class. People often ask us why we always practice the same sequence of poses, and why we don’t switch it up more often. Here are just a few great reasons that we believe that consistency is key:


#behindthesweat: Karly Moores

Hey friends, meet Karly Moores This super power #behindthesweat has been helping at the studio for about 2 years.
Her beauty is that of a gentle & kind spirit. She’s kind, hardworking, genuine & also pretty rad. We think her presence and cute giggle makes this place a better place, we’re sure you do too.

Jess Mouland

#behindthesweat: Jess Mouland

Who’s that girl, it’s Jess Mouland! This dynamite lady has been with us for almost three years. Her heart is as big as her smile, and her friendly, warm personality is something you just can’t miss.

Jess is an avid runner, loves walking her dog, and baking. Let’s get to know more about her!