30 Day Challenge


Join us for our 30 Day Challenge, Feb 1 – Mar 2, 2018
Participants in a 30 Day Challenge dedicate themselves to practice yoga once a day for 30 consecutive days. The 30 Day Challenge provides participants with the support and motivation of community. As a group, participants are united and driven by their common goals.

  • Take your practice to the next level. Hitting your mat daily is the best way to break past plateaus in your practice and take things a little deeper. The studio provides an email orientation + tips, and challenger only workshops to assist & inspire you. Teachers and staff are available to address concerns, advice, or simply listen.
  • Share your WHY. It is best to set an intention for your challenge. Why are you doing it?  What is it that you want to come of the challenge? Plan what classes fit into your regular schedule.  Identify possible obstacles, and pre-plan your strategy for overcoming these obstacles. Tell your close friends and family about your challenge.  Get them on board to offer support and motivation.
  • Calm Mind. Fit Body. Inspired Life. This may seem like a no brainer, but truly, your mind will be blown by how much stronger and more flexible you may become in the space of just one month. Yoga has many physiological, mental and emotional benefits.  By committing to a daily practice, you those benefits unfold at a more rapid rate. The goal is to create more peace in our lives, and in doing so the benefits of a consistent yoga practice spread beyond the yoga mat and into our daily lives, with as many people possible!
  • Be proud of you: When was the last time you did something really hard? Make no mistake, we don’t call this a challenge for nothin’. But that feeling of accomplishment for your efforts over the 30 day journey – there’s nothing like it!
  • Community. Lifelong friendships have been forged over 30 Day Challenges. You get to participate in something that matters, with a group of like-minded people. You just might find your tribe!
  • Pace yourself. Listen to your body. Respond to your body’s signals.  If you increase body awareness, and your ability to listen to that awareness, the 30 days will be a great success! Ask teachers about adjustments for specific needs (injuries, using props, etc). Take savasana before and after class for at least 5 minutes. Stay hydrated. Replenish your electrolytes. Get lots of sleep. Have fun! Let go of judgment or evaluation, and invite a sense of levity to your challenge.
  • Stickers! No matter how grown up you are, it still feels good to get a sticker. All you have to do is show up.
  • And a party! After 30 days of hard work, we celebrate! Snacks & tea provided, of course. Did we mention prize draws?! Save the date for Sat, March 3 for our celebration gathering, more details to follow.


$140 for non-members + class card holders

$112 for students (full-time) and seniors (55+) who are non-members + class card holders.

$10 for VIP Members + Club365 Pass Holders. Just be sure to sign in to your account profile with us to get the $10 rate option.

How do I sign up for the challenge? 

You can sign up ONLINE HERE or in studio!

For online sign up, payment options are by credit card only (Visa or MasterCard). For in studio registration, payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

You can also redeem a gift card to pay for the challenge, just email us with the request @ info@mokshayogastjohns.com, or bring your gift card to the studio to redeem.

Space is limited!

If you have any questions, please call us at 709.753.0206 or email: info@mokshayogastjohns.com.