What People Are Saying

image description Moksha Yoga St. John's has been a fantastic introduction to yoga. The staff and students have created a superbly accessible environment where new practitioners of all backgrounds can feel as welcomed as they are challenged. There are a variety of teaching styles ranging from gentle to rigorous, and the instructors' expertise is matched only by their warmth and approachability. I can't speak highly enough about the experience I've had here over the past month! Ryan MacFarlane

upcoming Events

  • Moksha

    A challenging, healthy all-levels hot yoga sequence (linked with breath).

  • Yang/Yin (Reduced Heat)

    This class is all about balance. The first half is a challenging Vinyasa (flow), followed by a Yin style series to truly and fully relax your body.

  • Moksha with Music

    A challenging, healthy all-level hot yoga sequence linked with breath set to great music.

  • Moksha Karma Class

    A reduced-fee $5 cash donation Moksha class. All proceeds support not-for-profit organizations.

  • Moksha Live Music with DJ Maggie

    A Moksha class accompanied by live beats with DJ Maggie. As awesome as it sounds!

  • Moksha Flow

    A challenging, healthy, hot yoga FLOW sequence. Postures are linked with breath and downward-upward dog flow sequences.

  • Moksha Level 2

    A challenging and healthy intermediate hot yoga sequence with a short meditation and an extended savasana.

  • Yin (Reduced Heat)

    Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles.

  • BlissFlow (Reduced Heat)

    A more vigorous class intended for those who have attended numerous Moksha and/or Moksha Flow classes, or have a regular and consistent practice of vinyasa yoga. 

  • Vinyasa Krama (Non-Heated)

    Vinyasa Krama yoga is an ancient practice of both physical and spiritual development, and is a systematic method of practicing and adapting yoga for the individual and individual class.

  • Community Meditation (Free)

    Take a peace pause from your busy daily life. Everyone welcome!

  • Yogassage

    Yogassage combines the benefits of long, passive yoga stretches with the deep tissue release of massage. You get a massage while you’re in a yoga pose – possibly the most relaxing experience in the world!