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Melissa Johnson

Melissa’s interest in health and fitness started as a child, while tagging along with her mom to Pilates classes. This sparked her interest to explore yoga. When Moksha Yoga opened in St. John’s, Melissa fell in love, it changed everything for her. The Moksha series and practicing in the heat felt like the perfect compliment to challenge her physically while calming her high energy personality, always leaving the practice feeling so calm and at ease.

Melissa felt the need and desire to make some changes in her life, and her new found love of Moksha inspired her to explore deepening her practice and spiritual journey. A friend planted a seed with her to consider applying for the Moksha teacher training. Melissa felt it was the right time to explore, and being in love with the Moksha practice and community made it an easy decision to apply. Melissa has a passion and desire to help people, and she knew the Moksha training would provide her with the tools to do so.  She completed her one month intensive Moksha Teacher Training in Montreal September 2012. Since then, Melissa has completed trainings in Vinyasa Yoga, Moksha Level II and Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yogassage.

Melissa looks forward to waking up each day and catching whatever life throws at her. She’s enjoying exploring who she is through this journey, and she knows that she’s on the right path. Some of the other loves in Melissa’s life are her family, her puppy Prince, hugs, snowboarding, hikes, food, red wine and traveling.

Melissa is taking a break from teaching until Fall 2017 to focus her new role as a mother to her little girl, Isabella Pearl.